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Shay Sane
1 am
  • A Travel Expert,

  • Founder of Black Girls On The Go,

  • An Ambassador for the Invisible Disabilities Association

  • A Retired Public Servant.

My Story

In 2012, Shay explored several solo travel adventures in order to deal with a burden of stress that had built up over the years. She was on a journey to heal from stress-inducing experiences. Shay's mother had abandoned her when she was just a child, she was molested as a preteen, and was a single mother by the age of 15. All these circumstances coupled with a stressful work-life motivated her to embark on a healing journey. Seeing how her travels had brought her closer to healing, Shay pursued her travel certification. She wanted to learn how to book affordable travel and organize group trips specifically for women. Through her encounters with clients, Shay heard so many personal stories of pain and trauma as they traveled the world together.

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Much like her clients, she had experienced domestic violence, financial abuse, racial injustice, grief, employment discrimination, divorce, and much more.


Shay realized that she could offer more than the usual group trips to fancy destinations. She founded Black Girls on The Go to expose Black Women to the healing power of travel. Utilizing a unique concept called TTraVsperience (which stands for Transformational Travel Experiences), she helps women discover healing and regain their confidence.

Shay developed this unique healing program that allow her clients to reflect on their past and life experiences. Through travel, these women can face their past, heal from their pain, and connect with other women who have lived through similar experiences. Shay helps her clients identify solutions that address their issues and allow healing to happen.

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